Blog post extraordinaire! In the beginning…

It amazes me how many people I know that have blogs. I am not sure when I realized that putting my thoughts into cyberspace would be a great way to empty my brain of all the stuff that floats around in there irritating me on a daily basis. I am sure most of my posts are going to be about my cats, kittens, felines, and general furry creatures from the Felis silvestris catus family.

Yes I love cats. In fact, I am crazy about cats. I have many soapboxes I stand on and preach about cats. Most of my friends and family get tired of the same old theme so I decided to put it here instead of wearing it out elsewhere. 

Right now, this moment, I have two tiny kittens sleeping on my wrapped in a soft blanket. It is a hot day, but the fan blowing on them is too cool for them. Patches and Popeye are their names. They are about 4 weeks old, or so. Very tiny and vulnerable. I have 10 kittens in my apartment right now. Crowded but so much fun! 

I am sure I will have longer posts and shorter posts, but posts I shall have. Going to have lunch now… Then off to Petco and Walgreen’s!


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