Rest in Peace Buttercup

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I know when I saw you at SafeHaven Humane Society, you were not my first choice as  a kitten for Brianna. Especially when I found out you were about 18 months old. Bri wanted a new kitten but low and behold, she did not want to wait for a kitten to be fixed and she was fascinated by you because you did not shy away from her. So we adopted you. We were told you were “a trouble maker” with other kitties. That was okay since we already had a young trouble maker at home!

It took a couple weeks but you finally accepted Mitnz as a co-habitant and you lived with us for over 14 years! It was not long before you became my cat instead of Brianna’s. She still was not wise in the ways of handling and dealing with cats. I ended up bonding with you so strongly, I could not imagine having any other cat in my life. Even though there have been many others, you are my number one girl. I would have given my life for you.

Over the years you have lifted my spirits, kept me from the brink of despair, and made me laugh so much! Your purrs, kneading bread and even your drooling will be missed. I loved the way you attacked the red dot with a vengeance, mauled ‘Da Bird’ until it feathers hung in ruins, and chased those mylar scrunchies under the refrigerator. You definitely kept me entertained.

Most of what I will miss is the way you were always there when I was on the computer and tried to snuggle in on the keyboard or my chest. Even when I ‘banished’ you to the foot of the recliner, I so enjoyed your company. The number one way I miss you is I no longer have you next to my pillow at night while we are sleeping. The last few nights have been so lonely, with last night the worst because I know you are not coming back.

Rest in peace little girl. Cross the rainbow bridge and be with my Bootsie, Cremey, Mitnz, Stubbs, Gabby, Sofie, and all the other sweet kitties that are no longer in my life.

I loved you with all my heart, Buttercup.

Buttercup so Beautiful



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